Back-end Engineer

Telont is seeking for an analytical and results-oriented back-end developer who will improve the current back-end applications. The back-end developer will use their understanding of programming languages and tools to analyze current code and industry developments, plan more efficient processes, troubleshoot problems, and create a smoother experience for our customers.

You should have excellent communication, computer and project management skills. To succeed as a back-end developer, you must be focused on building a better, more efficient program and creating a better experience for the end user. You must be competent, collaborative, and self-motivated.


  • Analyze complex problems that arise from building applications for the Windows system, its network stack, and other unforeseen problems.
  • Develop innovative solutions to improve the interface, usability, connectivity, stability, performance and resilience of applications.
  • Collaborate extensively, both with Telont team members and with members of other companies.


  • Expert level knowledge of Windows development, with an emphasis on desktop/client development.
  • Excellent knowledge of the C# ecosystem.
  • Strong software engineering skills (development, testing, performance analysis).
  • 3+ years of relevant work experience.

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