The Ultimate Guide to Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming

The Ultimate Guide to Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming

This comprehensive guide outlines the best tips and tricks to optimize Windows 11 for gaming, including tweaking common settings and using the latest software.

The Steps to Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, and it has been getting much attention. Windows 11 is a significant update to Windows 10. It comes with a bunch of new features, including some changes to the gaming experience.

This section will discuss the steps for improving your gaming experience in Windows 11:

  • Turn on Game Mode Windows 10 introduced Game Mode to Windows 11. That means that when you play any game, you can ensure your PC is optimized for gaming with this feature. To turn it on, go to Settings -> Gaming -> Game Mode -> and toggle the switch next to it. It will optimize your performance by prioritizing essential system resources such as CPU and GPU to get better game performance while reducing the chance of any stutters or lags.
  • Optimize your GPU settings. If you have NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, we recommend you read one of our GPU settings recommendations.
  • Disable useless software and services running in your computer startup and running in the background. Go to the Task Manager -> Click the Startup tab to do so.
  • Use software like MWSoft to optimize gaming performance on Windows at the maximum level possible. It will reduce the input lag in all USB-connected devices, increase your FPS, and make your network more stable.
  • Update drivers and optimize the registry. With any computer, it's essential to keep your drivers updated. In addition, you must regularly clean up your registry to optimize the performance of your PC.
  • Check for updates. Ensure your system is always up-to-date to get extra performance, since they could optimize your Windows 11 PC even more.
  • Clean the dust out of your PC. If you have a desktop computer, it's best to regularly clean out the dust that accumulates inside your PC by removing the cover and carefully blowing it into it to clear out any accumulated particles. The same is true for any laptop as well. It would be best if you also ran your laptop regularly, as it's essential to keep its fan running to avoid overheating. While you're gaming, it is common to see overheating issues, which decrease your gaming performance.
  • Use the Game bar to get suggestions for controls. Windows 10 introduced the Game bar, a way for gamers to see all of their PC's hardware, including CPU and graphics card, as well as how long they have played your games and the current frame rate. Windows 11 has made this feature even easier to use by adding shortcuts in the main menu that can be used in-game. To use these shortcuts, press down on your desktop or home screen, then click on the Game bar on the left side of your screen.

Disable Memory Integrity to Increase Gaming Performance

Disabling memory integrity for gaming on your PC may cause your computer issues with performance or security. An incompatible device driver often causes the problem. To fix the problem, contact the manufacturer of your device to find out about updated driver versions. This may resolve the memory integrity problem. If not, you may need to uninstall the device or program causing the problem.

One of the new security features is the Memory Integrity feature, also known as Hypervisor-protected code integrity. This feature protects your PC from malicious code by ensuring drivers are trustworthy. Although this feature is necessary for your computer's security, it will slow down your computer's performance.

Memory Integrity is a security feature that protects your computer from malicious code. Windows use memory integrity to ensure that only trusted drivers are used. By disabling this feature, you can improve gaming performance without sacrificing security. However, you must make sure to restart your PC after completing your gaming session.

To turn off memory integrity, open the Windows Security app. Click on the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) tab. Select Settings. Click on "Memory Integrity" from the list. You can also uncheck Virtual Machine Platform from the Windows Features window. This option is enabled by default for Windows 10.

Disabling the memory integrity feature in Windows 11 is not guaranteed to improve gaming performance. Still, you may want to disable it anyway if you are concerned about the performance of your PC. Some users have reported improved performance after disabling the security feature.

Disable Virtualization

To improve your gaming performance, you should disable virtualization in Windows 11. Some virtualization features have been found to hurt gaming performance. Microsoft has provided instructions for gamers that will allow them to disable these features. These include Virtual Machine Platform and Memory Integrity.

To disable virtualization, do the following:

  1. Press Win + R, type gpedit.msc, and hit enter.
  2. Go to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Device Guard.
  3. Under Device Guard, find the Turn On Virtualization Based Security policy and click on it.
  4. Click the Disabled button and then click the Apply button.
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Restart your system.

You can speed up your PC and enjoy gaming without worrying about security by disabling VBS. Disabling memory integrity and virtualization is an excellent way to increase gaming performance on Windows 11.

Enable Direct Storage

DirectStorage is an API for games developed with DirectX 12. It allows developers to create games with expansive worlds and load faster. If you want to use DirectStorage on your PC, you should have a DirectX12 GPU with Shader Model 6.0 or a 1 TB NVMe SSD. However, this feature is not supported by all devices and will not be available on every PC.

To check if your system supports DirectStorage, you can use the Microsoft Game Bar function in the Gaming Features tab in the Windows 11 settings menu. You can enable HDR or Auto HDR and see if your system is DirectStorage-ready. You can then enable or disable DirectStorage according to your requirements.

DirectStorage is a new feature that can eliminate the need for long loading times and improve game performance. This new feature was first introduced in the Xbox Series consoles, but is now available on Windows 11. Microsoft has also extended the support for DirectStorage to Windows 10 as an API. However, games must support DirectStorage before they can take advantage of it.

Disabling Direct Storage on Windows 11 is not recommended for gamers. Games may run slower when the C drive is out of space. To increase the amount of space on the C drive, you can use a tool like MWSoft.

Microsoft Windows 11 includes several new features that can improve your gaming experience. You can learn more about them on Microsoft's support page.

Disable Xbox Game Bar to Have High Performance Windows 11

The Xbox Game Bar is a new feature introduced in the Windows 10 Creators Update. It allows you to take screenshots, record clips, and stream games on your PC. You can also use the Game Bar to access the Xbox Live overlay with friends or broadcast your gameplay on Mixer.

To disable the Xbox game bar from Windows 11, do the following:

  1. Open the Windows settings.
  2. Click Gaming.
  3. Disable the toggle and the checkbox under the Xbox Game Bar section.

Enable Windows 11 Game Mode for Better Performance

Windows 11 Game Mode is a new feature designed to improve games' performance. It does this by dedicating more system resources to the game and fewer resources to non-gaming programs. Game Mode was introduced in Windows 10, but was limited to only a few games. Windows 11 will be available for all games and will work with any PC game that supports DirectX 12 or Vulkan graphics APIs.

The following is an example of how Windows 11 Game Mode works:

  • If you start playing a game, Game Mode will automatically activate and reduce background activity so that you can play your game more smoothly.
  • When you finish playing your game, Windows will automatically exit Game Mode so that you can resume your regular activities, like browsing the web or watching videos on YouTube, without interruption.
  • Windows 11 also has a new feature called "Power Throttling," which limits the power usage of background applications when they are not in use. Some games may take a long time to install. To make sure you start playing your game faster, you can change the priority of the game. To do this, right-click on your game in the Game library -> Properties -> Set Priority to High. This will prioritize your game and make it start faster.

To enable Game Mode, do the following:

  1. Open the Windows settings.
  2. Click Gaming.
  3. Click the Game Mode tab.
  4. Enable the Game Mode toggle.
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