In this article, I'll talk about the process that took me two years to release the remake of MWSoft.

Some backstory:

MWSoft was born because I played computer games when I was 15 (2017) and noticed many performance issues.

My first thought was to look for ready-made software that could solve my performance problems. However, after trying five different software, none was able to solve my performance problems.

I started looking for how to optimize my computer manually and discovered Regedit (Windows Registry Editor). Through this, I tried hundreds of different values to improve my computer's performance.

Having some programming skills, I decided to automate the process and create the first version of the MWSoft software.

Here the research starts

To automate the software, I had to be very picky about changing values in Regedit to avoid potential computer damage and optimize it.

Finding the correct values was challenging because a registry key usually has 1 to 255 values, and I had to edit hundreds of registry keys.

I then created a table and sorted the registry keys by importance. After spending hundreds of hours researching and testing, I had about 70 registry keys with the perfect values to optimize my computer without damaging it.

The first version of MWSoft

MWSoft First Version Plan

MWSoft was first released in 2018. Confident about what I had created, I decided to incorporate—creating my first company at 16.

In the first version, I decided to include my optimization values. I also added the following features:

  • Cleaner to remove junk files.
  • Statistics to monitor the computer's hardware and detect potential malfunctions.
  • Anti-miner to detect malicious software that uses your computer to earn cryptocurrency.
  • Multiple languages.

The first release went well. Within two years, I had about 800 sales and received tons of positive feedback.

The remake

2020, MWSoft was now stable, and I was ready to take it to the next level, so I decided to remake it. Looking at my decision today (2022), it was a good decision.

To remake it, I had to study the whole market and do tons of research to improve my marketing skills and make the remake viral.

Between 2020 and 2022, I remade it three times.

  • The first idea was to transform the design to make it more attractive, so I spent a few months researching UI/UX. But my instinct told me that to make a product go viral, you must focus on design and functionality. So I discarded the idea.
  • The second idea was to make MWSoft a service instead of software and manage all devices through an online dashboard. But after I had done the entire design and almost finished coding the new service and dashboard, many people told me it was too much like an enterprise product and not suitable for quick use. So I put the idea on hold.
  • The last idea was to create MWSoft software with a good UI/UX design and easy to use. To assist me in this, I had an investor who gave me much advice throughout the process.

Here we are

Today, September 1, 2022, I finally decided to release the software after two long years. I am as happy as ever because even after all the complications and tough decisions, I never gave up and always continued.

Now I will focus 100 percent on user feedback and continue to find ways to make the software go viral.

🎉What's new

  • Community Optimizations, where you can publish your optimizations and sell them through MWSoft software.
  • The whole UI concept of both software and website has been remade.
  • Optimizer got more optimization values.
  • Cleaner has been redone and is now faster and more stable.
  • Anti-Miner got more parameters and is now more stable.
  • Statistics have been redone and are now called Health.
  • The entire licensing system has been redone; now you only need to enter your email.
  • We added the German language.
  • Software is now free except for the Optimizer, which now costs $19.99 (no subscription!).


I hope you enjoyed my story, and if so, you are free to download MWSoft and help me with your feedback!

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