How to Fix WiFi Slow Speed When Laptop Is Plugged In

Wifi slow when laptop plugged in

When your laptop is plugged in, the WiFi signal is shared between the laptop and any other device on the wireless network. This can lead to slow WiFi speeds. Here's how to fix it.

Why Internet Wifi Is Slow When the Laptop Is Plugged In?

A slow Internet connection can be very frustrating, especially working from home. It can result in a pixelated screen, lagging videos, and websites taking forever to load. Luckily, you can take a few steps to troubleshoot your laptop.

You can start by checking the speed of your Internet connection. Sometimes, your internet speed is affected by the distance you are from the router. You can move your laptop closer to the router if the distance is too far. Another way to improve speed is to close programs that use a lot of bandwidth. This includes cloud services such as Dropbox. Temporarily disabling your firewall can also help. If your firewall is the culprit, you may be able to tweak the settings to increase your speed.

You can also try to update your drivers on Windows 10 from the device manager, and also you should run Windows updates.

If the problem persists, it's time to visit a local computer shop. If you cannot solve the issue, you can also try contacting the company that provides your internet connection. Often, they'll restore your service if you pay your bill. In some cases, the issue is a security breach. These breaches could lead to stolen credit card numbers or even full-blown identity theft.

Why Do I Get a High Ping When the Laptop Is Plugged In?

If you want to play online games but keep getting high ping while your laptop is plugged in, you may be experiencing an issue with your network connection. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps that you can take to solve this issue. First, try to determine the cause of your high ping. If you have a wireless connection, it may be due to a weak signal from nearby appliances. In such cases, you must move the devices to a location with stronger Wi-Fi signals.

Another quick way to solve your high ping is to optimize your network connection. Your internet connection speed has a lot to do with your ping. So, trying to minimize the speed of your network connection is essential before trying other solutions. Also, it would help if you tried closing background downloads and programs to lower your ping.

You should also consider disabling your antivirus software if you're experiencing high ping. Sometimes, a virus or another malware infection causes the problem. If you suspect this is the culprit, disable your antivirus software temporarily and contact the vendor to solve the problem if you cannot resolve the issue by disabling your antivirus.

6 General Solutions for Slow Wi-Fi Connections

The solution to a slow WiFi connection is not always easy to find. Many factors can affect your Wi-Fi signal speed, and it can be challenging to figure out which one is causing the problem.

There are five general solutions for slow WiFi connections that you can try:

  1. Use a Wi-Fi Booster or Extender.
  2. Increase Your Wi-Fi Range.
  3. Switch Your Router's Channel.
  4. Use software that optimizes and changes Windows parameters in your computer to make your network run better. We recommend MWSoft.
  5. Get the router closer to your computer.
  6. Replace Your Router.

Run Multiple Speed Tests in the Process

A speed test is important because it can help you understand at what stage your network connection is. You can see your upload and download speed and your ping.

Does Charging Affect Internet Speed?

There are several ways to optimize the charging time of your laptop. First, you should turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you're not using the internet. These features drain your battery power. You can also lower the screen's brightness and play video at a lower resolution.

However, if you know that you will be using your laptop for a long time, you should plug it in when you're done. This will prevent your laptop from completely draining the battery multiple times. In addition, you should use the plugged-in mode if your computer heavily relies on graphics or video performance. This includes gaming, video editing, and binge-watching Netflix.

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